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We have great support, and feedback to back this up. We want you to enjoy our service, this is why we treat every customer in the best way possible.

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Our systems are made to reduce the risks of getting banned. We have been providing this service for almost a year with very few issues.

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We deliver our LoL referrals within 72 hours after the current queue time. Queue times are the result of cheap & competetive prices.

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You can stay updated after you have made a purchase. This will allow you to keep track on your order and inform you upon start and completion.


25 Referrals



  • 975 Riot Points
  • 8750 Influence Points
  • Grey Warwick
  • Senior Recruiter Forum Title
  • Recruiter Forum Badge
  • 1 Rune Page

50 Referrals



  • 2975 Riot Points
  • 15000 Influence Points
  • Grey Warwick
  • Medieval Twitch Skin
  • Senior Recruiter Forum Title
  • Recruiter Forum Badge
  • 1 Rune Page

100 Referrals



  • 16975 Riot Points
  • 27500 Influence Points
  • Grey Warwick
  • Medieval Twitch Skin
  • Master Recruiter Forum Title
  • Recruiter Forum Badge
  • 1 Rune Page
Queue time
Current queue time 5 days. (Estimated)
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Welcome to our LoL referral service!

Have you ever wanted more Riot Points for LoL skins in League of Legends but found the Riot Store's prices a bit too expensive?
Maybe you are just looking for some hard to get limited edition skins like Grey Warwick or Medieval Twitch?
Here at Eloclimb, we try to solve both dilemmas with our League of Legends referral rervice.
With Riot's Refer a Friend 2.0, you can earn rewards by referring friends to LoL and having them reach level 10.
Our League service speeds up that process, which will help you receive a lot of friends without lifting your finger!

Did you also know that by increasing your champion pool on your LoL account, you will have a higher chance of escaping Elo hell, it's very common that players have a very small champion pool due to the time and effort needed to farm champions and LoL skins.
But at Eloclimb we make things easier for you, instead of spending hundreds of hours and alot of money on Riot points and LoL skins.
We offer cheap LoL referrals that will grant you access to a massive amount of Riot points, so that you can proceed your journey through Elohell.

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If you have any questions regarding our LoL services, check out our FAQ page and if you don't find it there, contact us and we will respond as soon as possible!

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