Frequently Asked Questions

We use your referral link to create accounts. These accounts are then leveled to 10, so that you can claim your rewards from the LoL referrals you have received.
No we do not require any account information, to be able to create referrals linked to your account. The information required is the referral link found on League of Legends website.
We do our best to complete all orders as fast as possible. Keep in mind that after we complete your order it can take up to 72 hours for League of Legends to update this is after the estimated queuetime has bypassed.
We only need your referral link which you can find here . Of course we also need your payment.
Absolutely. Just take a look at our prices for the rewards that you receive from our LoL referrals and then take a look at the prices in the Riot store for similar "rewards", you'll be surprised. The prices of our service will guarantee you cheap Riot points.
If you have made a purchase, you will be able to trace your order within 24 hours using the tracker on our website.s.
100 referrals take up to 24 hours to create and then you have to wait up to another 72 hours for the rewards to be redeemable on the LoL website.
Go to rewards.server.leagueoflegends.com there you will be able to check when your referrals are done, you can also use the tracker to check your status.
We have been providing this service for almost a year with very few issues. In some cases Riot will remove your access to the Refer a Friend program and rewards will be reset, but you can continue to play on your account even if this happens. In worst cases you can get banned but this will be resolved by writing a ticket to riot with an explanation.
The referrals can be for any LoL server that has Refer a Friend rewards. The current servers are North America, EU West, EU Nordic & East, Brazil and Turkey. If you do not play on any of this servers. You can transfer for a short period of time to receive the rewards and then transfer back.
Yes, the account is completely safe with no chance of getting hacked. We create the account ourselves and provide you with all the information needed. You are also able to verify your own email ensuring your safety.
You will receive your account within 24 hours if it's in stock. If not you will get a full refund.
Yes, you can use the Influnce points included with the account to purchase champions and be ready for ranked games within a few minutes. You are also able to increase your champion pool by obtaining free champs like Tristana and Alistar.
Currently we sell on NA, EUW and EUNE. We are planning to offer accounts on other servers as well in the future.
Your account has to be level 30. For safety reasons.
It's not possible to transfer during the process of the referrals, if you transfer the referrals will be lost and we can not compensate in such cases.
Due to the fact that we level regularly patches and downtimes causes issues in some cases. This can lead to some accounts being stuck and won't proceed with leveling. If you are faced with this issue please contact us to get it resolved.